PCSO BLOG – Yaxley Ward – Yaxley & Farcet 24/12/2018 – 25/01/2019

Over the course of the last five weeks in Yaxley, there have been several reports of youths climbing on the roof top at Landsdowne Road Health centre. Due to vigilance of our residents, we were able to get there in time and speak to a couple of the young males responsible, their parents were also spoken to about their child’s behaviour. Not only is this dangerous for the youths responsible, but it is distressing to anyone witnessing it because as adults we are aware of the dangers that such activities can cause. I again appeal to parents to know where your kids are when they go out and what it is they get up to, this could well have had a different outcome. There have also been reports of young teens smoking an unknown substance in the children’s park on Shackleton Road. This is supposed to be a safe place for small children to play, and I have received several complaints from parents who now feel they cannot take their little one to the park.

For some good news, 2 stolen vehicles were recovered the same night as they were fitted with trackers, and returned to the grateful owner.

Unfortunately, the Parish Council have been the victim of several ASB and criminal damage incidents over the last month, from bin fires to graffiti. We ask everybody to be observant, and if you have any information, please call 101 or Crime Stoppers.

Last Wednesday, myself and my colleague Clare Darbyshire held a surgery at the Co-Op in Yaxley and were pleased to note the amount of people wanting to talk to us. We wanted to say thank you to the lady that handed in a red purse, which we were able to reunite with its owner shortly after.

In Farcet, I have been contacted by Farcet Primary School to discuss the parking of parents outside the school during drop off and pick up times. I have advised that this is a nationwide problem, with every single school suffering from bad parking by parents, causing issues for residents that live in the same street. I appeal to parents to please show some common sense. “I’m only going to be 5 minutes”, is no excuse and I will patrol and I will give you a ticket. I have advised the school to send home a letter to parents asking them to please park safely before anyone gets hurt.

There have been a few incidents involving vehicles, from wing mirrors being kicked off to items being stolen from inside the vehicles. Please make sure you lock your vehicles, you live in a beautiful village away from the main hub and it can easily happen that you stop locking your vehicles because you feel safe, however, thieves rely on this and purposely target quiet, out of the way streets. If you see or hear anything suspicious, please report it either on-line, by phone on 101 or call Crime Stoppers.


Contact your dealer and talk about the digital features in your car. Have there been any software updates you can take advantage of? Check if your keyless entry fob can be turned off. If it can, and your dealer can also confirm this, then do so overnight. Store your keys away from household entry points such as your front and back doors or windows and consider using a signal blocker pouch to store your keys. Keeping your keyless entry fob out of sight is not enough – thieves only need to get near to the key to amplify the signal. If you park your vehicle on your driveway we advise investing in a driveway alarm, these are very easy to use and do not require any DIY skills to install. Be vigilant. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighbourhood – and report anything unusual to police online at www.cambs.police.uk/report or call 101 (or 999 in an emergency) Review your car security. Check for after market security devices such as mechanical locks and trackers, which are proven to deter thieves.

For more information please see – www.cambs.police.uk/A-Z/Vehicle-security

Help us catch burglars operating in your area

Offenders will often visit an area in the days leading up to a burglary to scope out potential targets. If you believe someone knocking at your door could be a burglar then contact the police immediately.
Keep a note of anything unusual: such as description and registration number of unknown vehicles parking in your area; as much information as possible about suspicious incidents e.g. dates and times; descriptions of anyone you believe may be involved; details of any witnesses.

Report suspicious activity by calling: Police non-emergency 101; Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111; or if a crime is in progress, call 999.

Securing entry points: Don’t leave any windows or doors unlocked or ajar as these can be easy access points for a burglar. If you are going away: Make your home look lived in and ask neighbours to keep an eye out. Install light timers as burglars are less likely to target homes if there is a risk of being seen. Alarms: Consider installing an alarm. Always obtain a number of quotes from approved companies. Lock up your shed: Offenders often raid sheds to find break-in tools. Strong communities: Make friends with neighbours or join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Call: 101; Textphone: 18001 101; Visit: www.cambs.police.uk

Crime & incident statistics
15 reports of ASB nuisance; 6 reports of suspicious activity; 1 report of Poaching; 0 neighbour disputes; 2 arson; 4 nuisance vehicle reports; 11 reports of Criminal damage.

Many thanks for your continued support,
Be safe out there.

(Sent on behalf of) PCSO 7230 Dawn Hodgson

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