Yaxley Local Policing Blog – November 2018

Good afternoon readers, for those of you that have not seen my blog before, this is where I tell where I have been and what I have been up within your area over the last month. It may seem that I have not mentioned your particular area or village, which does not mean that I have not visited or taken you into account, it means that you have been able to live in peace and quiet for the last month – yay!

Over the course of the last five weeks in Yaxley, there have been several reports of vehicles being damaged and broken into, with tools and personal items being stolen. Not only is this expensive to repair, but is heart breaking to those tool owners who work so hard to buy their expensive bespoke equipment. Some of those tools having been handed down through families for several generations. We ask everybody to be observant, whether your vehicle has been affected or not, and if you have any information, please call 101 or Crime Stoppers.

Unfortunately, 2 Charity boxes have been stolen from the Vets on Malting Square and another from the Royal British Legion, it never ceases to amaze me how brazen thieves are, but it does go to show that you need to keep an eye out at all times and can never be too careful. Again, if you have any information, please report it.

At the beginning of the month I got a call from the Parish Council about some steel play equipment that had been sawn clean through at Allard Close Recreation Ground, and was surprised to find that they had just cut through the steel spring under the equipment, but left the poor metal horse in the playground. I ask the residents that live on the boundary of the park – if you heard anything suspicious to please report it, the equipment cannot be repaired and now has to be made safe and removed. Who would do this to a child’s playground? Was the thief disturbed by a dog walker or morning jogger? Did you hear or see anything? Call 101 or Crime stoppers if you have any information.

In Farcet, 2 industrial hydraulic breakers have been stolen from a farm yard this last week and would have taken some serious lifting equipment to remove them. Did you see or hear anything suspicious? Have you heard any gossip that may lead us to the thieves? Please call with any information.
Yaxley Football Club has had some unwelcome visitors of an evening, pulling into the Club grounds to commit Anti-Social Behaviour once it gets dark. These grounds are Private property and are expensive to maintain, they have made it plain your behaviour is not acceptable, please do not return. All information has been passed onto the Police and you will be dealt with in due course.

Stats – 10 reports of ASB nuisance; 12 reports of suspicious activity; 4 reports of Poaching; 2 neighbour disputes; 1 arson; 7 nuisance vehicle reports; 29 reports for concern for welfare/missing; 8 reports of Criminal damage.

I will be attending the Community Café in the Library on Main Street in Farcet on Saturday 1st December for those of you that would like to come down for a chat from 10.30am, all are made to feel extremely welcome. I look forward to seeing you all.
Many thanks for your continued support,

Be safe out there.
PCSO 7230 Dawn Hodgson

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