Yaxley Local Policing Blog – September 2018

Good news, the crime rate in Yaxley has fallen!

At least that is what the latest figures show, though in reality they have not, with many residents choosing to post things on Facebook, email the Parish Council or pass information to myself over the phone or in person rather than call 999/101. If you don’t report any incidences or crimes, the statistics are inaccurate and in turn the Police resources you have available. We are grateful for all the information that is passed to us and ask that this continues, but it must be reported officially also or we cannot act.

If you report the crime, there’s more chance that the offender will be caught or brought to justice for what they’ve done. The police also keep records of all reported crime and this information goes into government statistics and reports. These can change the way crime is dealt with by the police and other parts of the criminal justice system.

You can report a crime in several ways:

  • If it’s an emergency and the crime is still taking place, call 999 and ask for the police.
  • If it’s not an emergency, do not call 999. This doesn’t mean the crime is not important – it just helps the police to make the best use of their resources. Many police forces use the 101 non-emergency number, so you can ring that number instead.
  • You can go to your local police station (Huntingdon/Thorpe Wood) and report the crime there. You can find the address and telephone number in the local telephone directory or online. Check what time your local police station is open, as not all stations are open all the time.
  • You can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you want to remain anonymous.
  • If you’ve experienced hate crime, you can also report the incident online through True Vision.

There has been a reduction of reported crimes and incidences in Yaxley and Farcet, Holme and Conington, but I have been as busy as ever clearly showing the gap in information received. You, the public are far more switched on to suspicious and criminal behavior and I’m always impressed to see the amount of information that comes through via Facebook, The Parish Council and my email, but it must also be reported to 101/999 to keep the crime statistics accurate.

I am very grateful for all the information and assistance I have received from Yaxley and its residents.

Be safe out there,

PCSO Dawn Hodgson 7230